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By Echo0117 - 2012-04-25 03:47:00 in Enutrof
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I'm going pure cha Enu due to being completely unfunded. Right now I'm at level 16 with level 5 coins and 3 fortune. After that I'm unsure of what to do. The skills I assume I'd need for PvM (since I mainly want this as a money making class) would be; Coins, Fortune, Clumsiness, Mass Clumsiness, Acceleration, Shovel Of Judgement, Slaughtering Shovel, Living Chest and Shovel Skill. That's 9 skills in total, so all should be level 5 by 91. This to me, seems right, but I've recently just got back from...
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Alright. So I'm looking for a class that's good for a returning player. I've been away from Dofus for roughly 2-3 years, and things are very different to say the least. For some background, I used to play a 18x agility Sram, using 1/2 crits on agility/life steal daggers for 2ap as my main source of damage. I'd definitely like something similar to the smash n' bash play style of my old agility Sram. I'd also like it to be formidable in PvP, mostly mid-end game (Around 120 is when I'd like to effectively...
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So I'll start off by saying I've been away from Dofus for about 2-3 years now. I've been playing Wakfu as of late, so the general understanding of the combat system and playing abilities are relatively in tact. The issues I'm having, are with the Sram builds and styles I'm seeing and being unsure of what to do.

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That build is the only Agility build on the Wiki and it's a little confusing. As an old Agi/Crit-Dagger Sram, some of these spells are either new, or, you'd have never leveled...