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Salus Soteria Feca Lvl 190 Remington
Hina Abeona Eliotrope Lvl 189 Remington
Echidus Plutus Enutrof Lvl 187 Remington
Echinacea Echinate Osamodas Lvl 177 Remington
Eva Crocotta Ouginak Lvl 175 Remington
Prototype Echi Foggernaut Lvl 130 Phaeris
Echijou Raku Ecaflip Lvl 70 Phaeris
Puppeteer Echi Sadida Lvl 23 Phaeris
Echidna Darkness Sram Lvl 21 Phaeris

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BetterThanBoxBox|2019-02-21 21:03:11This build is focused on pre-zinit (before level 186), so obviously there's better gear in the zinit bracket (186-200), in which case I would redirect you to my endgame guide which deals with that. For pre-level 186, this guide is still completely relevant and not much if anything has changed. 
Thanks for replying~ sorry, i didn't explain my question better. What i meant by how good the gears are, is mostly for 185 als build instead of higher.  maybe 1-2 item...