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Sabishi Masqueraider Lvl 177 Nox
Ysabell Iop Lvl 155 Nox
Your Fears Combined Sacrier Lvl 136 Nox
Tohru The Dwagon Osamodas Lvl 130 Nox
Uranai Ecaflip Lvl 34 Nox
Vemii Sacrier Lvl 6 Remington
Soplare Pandawa Lvl 2 Remington

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Hello. I am looking for good epaulettes that support a Tanky, Melee ougi. Does anyone have an idea where I can find/craft/drop any good ougi epaulettes? lvl - 165
0 377
I have a lvl 50 Paunchy Bow meow that I don't need, but i would like to trade it for equal value, Ill be Accepting Costumes, Kamas, and Gear! 

For Gear, i could use a better helmet, and a better amulet.

Wobot Medal(Amulet)
1 AP
130 HP
20 Lock
40 Elem Mastery, two elements
10 Melee Mastery
20 Elem res Fire
20 Elem res Air 

Wobot Glasses(Helmet)
1 Range
122 HP
20 Lock
10 Initiative
1% Block
40 Elem Mastery 2 Elements
15 Melee Mastery
25 Elem Res
1 Kit skill
If you can PLEASE find a better helmet...