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Samuel Rend Sacrier Lvl 186 Remington
Slade Muren Feca Lvl 114 Remington
Arden Melus Sadida Lvl 108 Remington
Ned Maulers Enutrof Lvl 105 Remington
Remus Alden Sram Lvl 82 Remington

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I have bought Dragonesque Pack from Wakfu shop. Pack includes a costume, an emote, a pet and a title.On the shop title is promoted as "Dragon Tamer" however when I purchased the Pack from shop, I have received a different title ingame as "Ultimate Dragonizer" and I am not really happy of this false information. You can see attached images.Is it possible to fix the issue and send me the correct title as promoted on purchase page?
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I have talked lots of people they have been telling me that they got new Swimming Pool Pocket for Haven Bags as a gift as soon as they first logged in after new update.

However I didn't get any item at all. Could that be a bug of some sort?
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I know it's a long shot but I want to buy Mini Ignemikhal Costume and/or Wakfulisk Costume.

Please message me here or in game if you have one.

IGN: Samuel Rend