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Oathseeker Iop Lvl 130 Rubilax
Rubrum Grimoire Feca Lvl 130 Rubilax
Big Drunk Pandawa Lvl 129 Rubilax
Akanthar Feca Lvl 72 Rubilax
Dusk'S Oath Iop Lvl 72 Rubilax
Zzenutop Enutrof Lvl 72 Rubilax
Umbra Claw Sacrier Lvl 61 Rubilax
Oro De Suerte Ecaflip Lvl 55 Rubilax
NOX-Foggernator Foggernaut Lvl 51 Rubilax
The Motherfogger Foggernaut Lvl 43 Rubilax
Momonori Sacrier Lvl 36 Rubilax
Eliosphere Eliotrope Lvl 31 Rubilax
Doctor Penicillin Eniripsa Lvl 28 Rubilax
Von Howin Enutrof Lvl 8 Rubilax
Don Dog Ouginak Lvl 6 Rubilax

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Hey there i recently reach level 130 after coming back since a year and a half. im starting to have trouble figuring out where to grind for exp. So i wanted to ask what the best place to level up to get to 140 after doing UBs.

I also wanted to ask a about what relics work best for iop. I seen from other builds that dagger sives is the most popular relic for iop, but is there other relic what iop can use?

what about souleater? i remember back then it was super popular, is it not worth it anymore?