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I have the new version of the Coulive Cloak that came with the recent 3-month subscription offer.

It is a truly beautiful and brilliant chameleon cloak...and...I religiously fed it cloaks about every 24 hours, and it evolved to the 10th slot level appearance quite nicely.

But now...for the past two weeks, no matter what cloak I feed it, it no longer evolves.

As a 200 lvl Tailor, I've even gone so far as to tempt its appetite with lvl 200 cloaks to eat!

10 appearance slots, then...No go! Nothing! ...
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I submitted a poster to the "Al Howin's Day Movie Night Contest" but try as I might I cannot find a link to the place where we can collect the prizes!

Compulsive wrote:Compulsive - SUBSCRIBER - Yesterday - 19:39:28 
Compulsive - SUBSCRIBER - Yesterday - 19:39:28
Malaclypse-The-Younger|2019-11-06 16:01:39Has everybody gotten their mystery boxes yet? I'm just a little worried my entry slipped through the cracks somehow...

They are not in-game items but can be found on the website on the gifs page.
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This is step #7 in the quest. But I'm stopped in my tracks as the quest specifies:
"Talk to Rita Foulmetal."

The quest position marker is indicating that I will find Rita at [1,6] just like I did in an earlier prerequisite quest "Edge of Tomorrow."

She was there for me when I did "Edge of Tomorrow."

She's supposed to be in the innermost room at [1,6].
(along with the NPCs Agent Pascal & Security Agent.)

Anything can be done about this one? kk...mny tnx!