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This is step #7 in the quest. But I'm stopped in my tracks as the quest specifies:
"Talk to Rita Foulmetal."

The quest position marker is indicating that I will find Rita at [1,6] just like I did in an earlier prerequisite quest "Edge of Tomorrow."

She was there for me when I did "Edge of Tomorrow."

She's supposed to be in the innermost room at [1,6].
(along with the NPCs Agent Pascal & Security Agent.)

Anything can be done about this one? kk...mny tnx!


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I'm on the quest "Sword from the Stone" and I'm trying to craft "Supermagical Powder.

I've already got the "Hope Powder."

Dofus wiki HERE says I need to craft "Supermagical Powder"...and I've spent a day trying.

I've gotten the Hope Powder step, but I cannot craft at a bakery the "Supermagical Powder."

The dofus wiki says it requires:    6 Barley 6 Salt Measure 12 Magical Powder
Can this quest still be done, or is it bugged? ktnx....
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I'm a bit unclear: If you sign up for the Temporis server what happens to your Echo characters?

I'd so appreciate a clue and a wee bit of help here.

I've read the thin documentation announcements Ankama posted, but it doesn't explain the ELI5 (explain like I'm 5) quick start basics of how joining Temporis works.

I'm afraid signing up for Temporis will affect my Echo chars in some way. If not, I'll be seeing you all when Temporis opens!

So, are existing chars on other servers affected?

If so....