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I submitted a poster to the "Al Howin's Day Movie Night Contest" but try as I might I cannot find a link to the place where we can collect the prizes!

Compulsive wrote:Compulsive - SUBSCRIBER - Yesterday - 19:39:28 
Compulsive - SUBSCRIBER - Yesterday - 19:39:28
Malaclypse-The-Younger|2019-11-06 16:01:39Has everybody gotten their mystery boxes yet? I'm just a little worried my entry slipped through the cracks somehow...

They are not in-game items but can be found on the website on the gifs page.
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This is step #7 in the quest. But I'm stopped in my tracks as the quest specifies:
"Talk to Rita Foulmetal."

The quest position marker is indicating that I will find Rita at [1,6] just like I did in an earlier prerequisite quest "Edge of Tomorrow."

She was there for me when I did "Edge of Tomorrow."

She's supposed to be in the innermost room at [1,6].
(along with the NPCs Agent Pascal & Security Agent.)

Anything can be done about this one? kk...mny tnx!


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I'm on the quest "Sword from the Stone" and I'm trying to craft "Supermagical Powder.

I've already got the "Hope Powder."

Dofus wiki HERE says I need to craft "Supermagical Powder"...and I've spent a day trying.

I've gotten the Hope Powder step, but I cannot craft at a bakery the "Supermagical Powder."

The dofus wiki says it requires:    6 Barley 6 Salt Measure 12 Magical Powder
Can this quest still be done, or is it bugged? ktnx....