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Good day,

I am having a huge dilemma right now in one of my Dofus accounts. I am trying to change the password of this account because Ankama requires me to change it, but the e-mail where the confirmation is sent is a Yahoo! Mail that is really old which is believed to be expired after not being used for so long. Well, after consulting Yahoo! Answers about this e-mail, most of the answers said that inactive use of an e-mail for 12 months gets instantly deleted. And if I remember correctly, I've...
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I just want to ask is there a way to obtain this item (see thread title)?

I searched around and scoured a few threads around and I can't seem to find that matches the criteria! If anyone knows I would appreciate it if you link it or tell me the method!

Thank you!
By DualCoreVahn - 2017-07-24 12:19:18 in Fan Art and Videos
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