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By DroppaMaPantz - 2017-01-31 20:29:17 in Suggestion Box
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I think it would be interesting to have a system where you can "swap" spell damage elements. For instance, on a masq making the air spells str spells and vice versa. Not sure if it should be an "all in one" swap, where all the spells of an element change to the new element, or swapping individual spell elements. Maybe even allowing an element usually not available to a class? This would allow more variety with builds and less predictability in pvp. Since they have streamlined the stats for all...
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A lot of the time I like to use the Windows 7+ snap-the-window-to-half-the-screen feature but I noticed that when I try to talk to npcs, there is no text box. Maximizing the window doesn't make it show up, but it does if I talk to the NPC while maximized. I also can't see the options buttons when half screen either. Makes it harder to Netflix and play

here are some screenshots:

at the bank, notice no icons in upper right

here you can see it is half screen, still no icons

here is when i talk...
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Hi I started doing the illness quest to have the permanent vaccine but I get stuck pretty early in the quest. You go to -79, -42 and talk to Grandfather, then kill some stunted rats in his basement and get the Artisanal Friswein. When I try to give it to Her Peec, he doesn't accept it and acts like I don't have the quest. He even has a question mark over his head but nothing...not sure if this quest is bugged or not.