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Neo Driadita* Sadida Lvl 67 Elbor
Estrella Del Ocaso* Sram Lvl 60 Elbor
Driadita* Eniripsa Lvl 45 Elbor
Royal Assasin* Sacrier Lvl 36 Elbor
Xoxopower* Feca Lvl 34 Elbor
Glandiu* Enutrof Lvl 31 Elbor

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Hi guys, I was from Fanatic Guild like 40 days.

First I was proud to be a member of Fanatic guild. But I saw the true about Fanatic...

We gave all our drops and all our kamas to Recuva to open DracoEsxpress and Sadida Kingdom, he said Sadida Kingdom was at 75%.

Their secret chars are Paradiso, Pepe, Lakewood and Recuva.

He was doing not much better than Sabotage, he was keeping all Bonta's Money and I should shut my mouth because he kills me like this screenshot, when I said him to dont give...