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By Drelkag - 2015-09-06 18:54:31 in Suggestions
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I was trying to get some friends in Wakfu and we're finding the big level gap between our characters makes the content a steamroll for one of us or too difficult for the other. Anyone else think it'd be a neat idea to let you temporarily level yourself down to match a party member? Something like how the sidekick system works.
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Just started back Wakfu after a few months break and when I opened up the shop to buy a booster it was stuck at loading.

This is what I see after ~30 mins waiting with the game in the background. I'm playing on Nox with the Steam client if it matters.

Edit: It shows up now.
By Drelkag - 2014-02-26 03:51:53 in General Discussions
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After having to go through Wine and such to play most of my games on Linux I have to give props to Ankama for keeping their client playable. Wish more devs did this.