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Zhadek Sacrier Lvl 133 Remington
Melkiorre Enutrof Lvl 83 Remington
Desdemonas Sadida Lvl 30 Remington
Tyrsha Osamodas Lvl 18 Remington

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By Drejn-87 - 2015-04-10 16:37:51 in Masqueraiders
2 1378
I recently started a masqueraider and i was wondering some things because i could not find any info on these forums or on internet on what i was looking for.

So a masked spirit (from what i found out) is not capable of using specialities (either passive or active). Also when the player changes mask the masked spirit's mask will be removed (so no mask state?).

What i didn't find out is: what happens if a player with Carnival casts a mask (different from the currently in use by the player) on the...
By Drejn-87 - 2015-03-31 22:18:41 in Technical Issues
4 1117
So i got this problem since many months and decided to finally make a thread after trying different solutions.

So i got an high end system running wakfu and my fps go in the range of 15-25.

That could be an optimization problem IF on another machine, low end, it runs really smooth at around 30 fps or more (could not manage to profile the actual numbers, but it was really clear from my many many tests that the difference was around that framerate)

Also noticed that the game freezes more often and...