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I've submitted a ticket already, but I was wondering if anyone else has come across this issue before and knows how to solve it quickly?
I had over 30 million kamas sitting in the kama exchange because I'd been playing Wakfu after trading my Ogrines for kamas, and then today I decided to play Dofus and so tried to transfer the kamas to my account.
I kept getting an error asking me to retry (both using the web exchange and the in game one) several times until finally the kamas disappeared from the...
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Okay, I don't want to be flamed for this, so if you feel thus inclined, please take a deep breath and go elsewhere.
My partner and I (and a guildie) attacked this perc. A level 15X sacrier joined to defend, and we were chatting and then all of a sudden my husband did deviousness and didnt become visible.

So the sacrier started screaming about cheating and saying how he's gonna report us for cheating. Apparently there's some code.

Now- this only happened once in the whole match, despite the sram...