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Member since 2011-08-26




Drakenite Osamodas Lvl 149 Remington
Archangeus Eniripsa Lvl 70 Remington

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Recently, I've found the Osamodas to be pretty underwhelming at 140 and below PvP (having started participating in battlefields again), since adjusting levels means you're stuck with whatever summons the game throw to you. And 4 out of 5 of the summons they force on you are practically useless. Not to mention the summons seem weak both in terms of damage/healing compared to other classes like Sram/Sacriers/Ecas, even though I'm fully geared.

Is there anyway an Osamodas can do better in 140 or below...
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You can direct message me on Discord Drakenite#9606 or post here, thanks!
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Just saw a Wakfu Advertisement in Facebook...... and gave it a Like and share and a positive review in the comments   Make Wakfu even greater again !!