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I can log into Dofus Retro after todays update but not the normal server and Talkasha. All I get is a black screen despite restarting my PC, Re downloading the game, trying to log into the server/character etc via the launcher, nothing works.

Plus my sub runs out in 2 days which I was going to renew on the back of the new dev blog
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I have just been in the classes sub forum looking for a character to partner with my Sadida for general PvM.

What I found was honestly ridiculous. Some of the guides haven't been posted in or updated in over 10 YEARS, 10 years and no update to the list is shocking.

No wonder new players get confused about who to choose when you consider just how many changes there's been in all that time, I get confused lol.

There's probably other sites that have up to date information but you would hope that...
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Just over a week ago I got an email offering me a 7+7 deal, ie I get a weeks sub and I'd get a week free.

After subbing for 7 days I didn't get the free 7 days. I have contacted support who wanted a screenshot of the email I got which I sent them. Now my sub has run out without the extra 7 days and no more contact yet from support.

BTW, the email said the offer was valid for a year.