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Just over a week ago I got an email offering me a 7+7 deal, ie I get a weeks sub and I'd get a week free.

After subbing for 7 days I didn't get the free 7 days. I have contacted support who wanted a screenshot of the email I got which I sent them. Now my sub has run out without the extra 7 days and no more contact yet from support.

BTW, the email said the offer was valid for a year.
By Dragosani - 2019-03-04 15:43:06 in General Discussion
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Can anyone point me to a list of which pet eats what to level up?

I'm sure it used to be included in the Encyclopedia but I can't find it, and yes I've tried googling it
By Dragosani - 2017-12-07 15:04:10 in General Discussion
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I have just seen that I first subscribed to Dofus on the 22 November 2007.

Which makes my character just over 10 years old...Doesn't time fly