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Osamodas Lvl 189 Echo
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So as the title states I am a returning player, and I paid for a subscription at 15:48 UTC. I am aware of the usual request of "Please speak with customer service" but this isn't the only issue. By the way, I was charged to 53 usd for the membership, however my account doesn't reflect the payment. Further more I log out of the game, then attempted to log back in...... I.E. closed launcher and game completely, HA! BIG MISTAKE there! now I am not even able to log in. at all. 

Is there a time table...
By DragonPods - 2012-09-03 20:58:30 in Osamodas
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I am a level 150 osa, and I haven't understood the point in getting the full S.O set. In being I am in the full class set with a S.O amy, Gelano, and I am working on getting a Hammer Sheys (as all of my filler set items). I am at 2k+ life, both with and with out my mount. But the same time I have a mix build between the classic summoning osa and you intell osa, which has me at a disadvantage when it comes to solo pvp. But like Sackrace asked in his post "Just been thinking if its actually worth it...
By DragonPods - 2012-02-22 04:35:15 in Rushu
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Well it doesn't look like I am the first person to make this guild and post a open recruitment post on the forums. But hopefully this time the guild will truly thrive. as of today the guild Atomic Zodiac Slayers will be recruiting those people level 20 and higher. You can pm Loup-Garue, X-DragonMaster-X, or Fearfuldragon for a invite.

thank you

here is our guild forum page.

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