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Sono-Solo Iop Lvl 213 Remington
Mirako Sram Lvl 213 Remington
Gong Sakè Pandawa Lvl 213 Remington
Lorezio Auditoro Iop Lvl 159 Remington
Hobehut-Banala Rogue Lvl 54 Remington

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this time I don't agree.
1v1 in this game has a paper-rock-scissors balancement, I mean that some classes almost automatically win vs others,
for example, at level 80 it's impossible to beat a sram with a iop: they self heal far more than iops can damage, even when 50% incurable of focus and hence they can also survive SIP of next turn, fully self heal again and run away.
this is only one of the main examples,
the outcome is that:
- or you choose a pvp class for 1v1
- or you team fight
- or you will...
25 2371
fact is that there's a hotkey that if kept pressed writes names over real players, so it's easy for (experienced) players to find immediately who's human and who's not,
maybe this is what devs thought when thinking if NPCs would have interfered in finding players.

the main problem about population is different in my opinion:
in cities you will find only players who are idling (same for Almanax and Ecaflipus), while, as you noticed, you can find easier more players in mines, or in battlefields.
25 2371
agree with most of things already said,
there are a few unspoken things that i don't understand and need to be said:

why leaving taxes at nation markets? it makes life harder for new players; i've been in governments and seriously i don't see so much need to keep the fee system for gov actions (i would have never exhausted all those kamas in years of gov), these should instead be free (like already are in HWs)

why labyrinth style for capital cities? this doesn't really help new players feel...