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By Draegun - 2014-04-27 00:47:08 in Osamodas
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Hello everyone! I'm looking for help on a spell build for my hybrid dragon Osa. So far I've pretty much got what stats and specialties I want, but not the spells. I see on most dragons Scaraleaf Wing and Whip, but is there a better option aside from Scaraleaf? I figure Whip's pretty much the staple Air spell. From the Fire branch, I was going to take Mooing and Boohowl, but I'm not sure about using Mooing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to seeing your responses.
By Draegun - 2014-01-04 08:13:44 in Foggernaut
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Greetings and salutations one and all! So earlier tonight, I was watching videos about building Pokemon teams and what not, and out of boredom I decided to go ahead and think of a build for a Foggernaut. (Since I lack the new Pokemon games <_<

Anyways, that aside, I saw a decent bit of people with builds that had Stasis/Earth or even the one post about using all three elements, but I'm more partial to just using the two. I messed around with Foggernaut already for a bit and I loved how Stasis...
By Draegun - 2013-12-19 17:08:01 in Sadida
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Hey everyone! As the thread title says, I'm new to the Sadida and I'm actually looking for a bit of help with my build or just any tips in general. I decided that I wanted to go ahead and make my Sadida air and water, and I've got the air side of the spells figured out (Poisoned Wind, Sudden Chill, Gust). I'm mostly stuck on what spells from the water branch to go with. Also, I'm highly considering on making this character a Lone Sadida user, but of course, I'm also open to using dolls. So I guess...