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By DrGrnThmb - 2017-04-19 07:52:29 in Problems and solutions
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I have defeated Count Harebourg numerous times, and understand the mechanics (or thought I did). On even turns I place Count Harebourg in a spot followed by one character two cells away in a linear fashion, then another character two cells away from the first character and linear to the first character and count in the same line.
(ch-empty-c1-empty-c2) ch = Count Harebourg, empty = empty cell, c1/c2 = characters 1 and two
I then attack with character one (on an even turn). Count Harebourg makes...
By DrGrnThmb - 2012-03-22 04:43:00 in General Discussion
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I run a team of four characters, and my other friend runs a team of four characters. They all have bunch of keys. On my team of four I did the minotoror maze and continued on to the minotot room. After this I recalled out of the dungeon, and now I want to do minotoror without the minotot room. Can I do this without losing my place in the minotot room so that I can still do minotot with my friend at a later point in time or will it override when I do minotoror again?