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Archaeology major. Photographer. In a relationship with another guildmate.
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Morenne The Phoenix Ouginak Lvl 217 Rubilax
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Taiga Asakura Iop Lvl 121 Rubilax
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By Downhome - 2022-12-20 18:02:57 in General Discussions
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It seems to me the Christmas event is getting  lot less traffic than in the last 3 years? Seems like I'm lucky to find 10 other players in there whenever I enter the area.
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While my finishers are gravitating to the new interface, I cannot get them to activate.
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Where do you turn these in. I have a timed  window to turn in some of the New-shu seeds, but don't know where.Pandora in Osamosa has a 25 ceiling, and I can't recall a location in an of the Shushu zones.

(facepalm) Never mind. Found it. Too early in the morning for rational thught. It's when you first pass through the first zaap.