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Member since 2018-12-29


Archaeology major and part-time worker for a local museum -- both over the Internet thanks to the virus situation. In a relationship with another guildmate.


Morenne Chan Ouginak Lvl 212 Rubilax
Karakasa Obake Osamodas Lvl 164 Rubilax
Yuuna Sano Feca Lvl 137 Rubilax
Liru Imada Pandawa Lvl 127 Rubilax
Sathora Iesu Sadida Lvl 33 Rubilax

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My brother decided to donate a little over $100 to the kickstarter in my name, while I was in the hospital, following a heart attack. Evidently, while you will accept U.S. dollars, you won't accept payment on prepaid MasterCards.
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Something has happened in the game that indicates it might be a good idea to alter my password but I don't see an option on the loader...
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Can someone explain why it's not a good idea to gear up sidekicks? They have slots for this, but I've been told not to do it. In my case, I have an Ougi that deals 1700-2600 damage, but my lvl 203 Pandora can only manage up to 600. True, I mainly use her for healing support on my main, but it would be nice to be able to step up her attack force.