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Hello all, it's been a long time since I played the game and after spending a few days reading up on the changes (I stopped back when the Almanax quest was halfway through) I finally decided to sub again. (If you go to the bottom there is a TLDR version). Im planning to play a duo team on echo, but I wouldn't be against swapping to the mono server if I could actually find people to play with. If anyone has insight on the mono side of things I'd take any help there. I have ogrines to make another...
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Hi, I'm looking to buy any lvl plum/ivory mix with the chameleon trait. I've been searching rushu for the last few days without any luck, as most people are not interested in helping and the others simply don't have it. I used to breed all the time and simply can't find my old one. I play an eca and would rather get this mount for pvm as it gives +200vit, +1range, +40% dmg at lvl 100. If anyone breeds, has one for sale, or can inform me of someone else who might have one that would be greatly appreciated....
By DoonKan - 2013-05-12 23:13:45 in General Discussion
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So, this thread is not about whining or begging for a change to anything, however I'm just intrigued as to what people think of the spells jynx and brokle (sram and iop class spell's respectively) now that the changes to spells such as buffing and the nerf to weapons in terms of cast limits have been introduced. I have multiple srams, play an iop and an eni, and after the recent change to mot olov making it an extremely powerful buff spell when the eni does not need to heal it makes the buffs of...