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Hi I was looking to buy the Zodiac set and when I went to check out all the payment methods were in Euros. Is it alright to continue and pay with USD? Does it automatically just convert currencies? I was looking to use PayPal. Has anyone succesfully bought it from the US?
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Hi i've been trying to figure this out, every time i try to open another launcher and press play, the app just closes and I'm left with my one game running.
Any help from other mac users?
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Am i the only one finding it harder than it should be find these suckers? I found a few on the first day Kwismas Island opened but have yet to find anymore. Is there any method to it? Because i've been killing mobs and getting no luck either. Just wondering because it's starting to make me worry if i'll be able to get the 25 required for a Thwee Kings Gift.