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Member since 2017-09-18


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-06-19


Papuman Cra Lvl 200 Remington
My Pride Feca Lvl 193 Remington
Kiss Mee Osamodas Lvl 171 Remington
Ban Hammer Sram Lvl 89 Remington
Pecueca Masqueraider Lvl 43 Remington
Culitobello Iop Lvl 33 Elbor
Man Bear Ouginak Lvl 6 Elbor
Culote Foggernaut Lvl 1 Elbor

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Hears! Regards!
I spent some time playing wakfu on the Remington server, and got involved in getting some Facebook group where I can socialize with more players, but I do not have any for this server! I only have Hispanic groups and they are from Elbor's server. Could someone tell me if there is a Facebook group with many members for Remington or NOX? This makes the game more fun! Thank you!
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Greetings to anyone who reads this.
Game on Remington server, but I would like to play in Nox.
The problem is, from my country I do not have access to the Nox server because my account does not belong to this munity **.
Would anyone be so kind as to create an account for Nox? I provide the mail and I will provide the data, you just have to create it - could someone?
I appreciate any help