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Cra Lvl Omega 11 Ilyzaelle
Bona Fide
Rogue Lvl Omega 9 Ilyzaelle
Bona Fide
Foggernaut Lvl Omega 5 Echo
Eliotrope Lvl 197 Ilyzaelle
Bona Fide
Ouginak Lvl 62 Ilyzaelle
Bona Fide

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By Dollwitch - 2019-12-21 10:04:43 in General Discussion
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I have been playing the game since of 2008-2009. I have been a pvper from day 1 and I like that way pvp system has evolved. Headhunter was giving me the most pleasure but I know it was unbalanced and had problems too. Now lately I returned back to the game to play on solo account servers. The problem I have seen so far is until 160 lvls kolo looks like it goes as fair as it can. I leveled to 180 and suddenly only people I match against in 1v1 and with 3v3 are 200+ people who have ivory+ebony+ other...
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Everytime I am trying to download-update the launcher it says I need a 64 bit computer but I am using a 32 bit laptop to play dofus. I have searched for 32bit downloads but it is nowhere to be found. Also the working launcher that I was using for a few weeks shut down and said I needed 64bits before it can update itself. So dofus no longer supports 32bits or is there a way for me to play?
By Dollwitch - 2016-09-06 16:09:47 in General Discussion
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It is so nice to be dc'ed in a perc fight when there is a backup going on and you cant even get back in the fight cause of the back up. That probably killed all my team mates now.