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This was originally shared on Imps Village, but I just thought I'd share it here in hopes that maybe something would change because it's something that has been bugging me for awhile.

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As the title states, I feel like the ban right is way out in the open and is in the middle of rights that would usually be given to regular guild members.

As a guild leader I've always had this fear going on of accidentally giving someone the...
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I originally posted this suggestion on Imps Village and had a massive discussion over there with a couple of different users.

I decided to post this idea over here in hopes we'd see an ingame change sooner or later as I do not think it could be this hard to implement into the game.

This is pretty self explanatory, I think Ankama should let us see the mount level on mount certificates without actually having to open it up. It makes buying mounts easier, since you won't really have to open all the...
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Well this is annoying. So ever since AvA came out, The alliance Vendetta got hold of all of the good territories right away and they're still holding it today.

Yesterday, our alliance Ascendence decided to hit the Zoth prism for Vendetta and we noticed that after we hit it the KOTH time was set at 6:30am dofus time, this tuesday morning.

The weekly maintenance happens at exactly 7am every tuesday morning.. This is a bit annoying considering that if we miss holding the territory for 1 minute then...