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Huppermage Lvl 199 Echo
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Hupper playing only PvE, till lvl 199, playing usually duo fights.

to many useless 2nd skills, i only use E-guardian as a right row skill.

Water has to short range. cant go stand next to them whole fight. power from contribution not great.

Air not enough damage. often cant cast the air steal of monsters are on the tiles to cast.
so only ether 2 times and astral 1 time. takes till lvl 180+ before you get more air.
ap from contribution only useful in groups. solo it has no point as it cost ap to...
By [Korri-garou] - 2018-11-09 16:00:00 in General Discussion
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I miss information on how to start. Asked around and found the button (yea i never used the menu)
Now i slect to start new journey, but i start at level 166? which was deadly. So can i start at floor 1 or something?? Lord crow in normal world is easy solo, but in infinity dreams impossible doing together. I don't understand how this is "increasinglly difficult", seem difficult right away.