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By Djengish-Kahn - 2009-09-19 18:46:36 in Suggestion Box
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Why is it constantly impossible to log in?

How annoying to pay a lot of cash for a service that is not available... grrrr

By Djengish-Kahn - 2009-08-13 13:27:25 in Suggestion Box
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What do you think?
Are the class sets good enough?
Altough i love the concept of class sets my oppinion is that they are a bit too much on the weak side.

I've been trying to construct a character that use class set but so far it seems that there are very few options regarding these kinds of builds. Either i loose too much fire-power or i end up buying scroll of spells worth millions and all i get is a multi element support build.

My general impression is that apart from the odd thing like sadi...