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Please fix the Ankama Launcher or bring back the old launcher. In my over a decade of playing Dofus I have not witnessed such a messy update. I've been waiting almost a week to play. Says the password is incorrect, changed my password, can not log into the game after I have successfully logged on to the launcher and the Dofus website, and even changed my password.

Maybe it's a kerberos issue. Just fix it.

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Is it possible for a team of three to solo high level dungeons?

I currently have a lv 192 Xelor, 177 Eniripsa, and lv 176 Osa.

With a combination of Sidekicks would it be possible to solo most high level dungeons?

If so what combination? Or would I be better to level up one more?

I can currently do dungeons up to Korriander difficulty with Astrub Knights so far but would like to improve my team.