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Silencex Sram Lvl 163 Remington
Convenient Feca Lvl 162 Remington
Decidious Enutrof Lvl 160 Remington
Lowtower Ecaflip Lvl 156 Remington
Citrespus Eliotrope Lvl 103 Remington

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not just the heroes when i log in to my char it says on general log "xxx joined the group" x10 like my heroes, a guy i played last night with sidekicks and some random numbers... u can log into account and do some stuff it may freeze or not but if u try to relog or change character u cant login again for couple hours... Strange bug indeed... still annoyin ah and we gotta wait till 2morrow mornin it seems
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k so i was able to log in but it shows im in group with my heroes and my alt but im not and i used zaap to ohwymi the game freeze couldnt do antyin i tried relog and cant login again it started last night for me...

edit: i cant remove the heroes or leave the group...
65 2144
same here cant login only for remington server