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By Laiorai-II - 2014-09-23 22:13:43 in Feca
6 2023
Hey Laioraii,

The updated feca now has the ability to 'force-activate' glyphs by teleporting onto the glyph area itself.
By doing this, the glyph will activate and cause damage to any enemy on the glyph.

Hope this helped!  
By [MOD]Wish - 2008-11-10 16:33:03 in Suggestion Box
1413 166559

I wish to draw attention to bots ruling dofus (specifically Rosal server).
For any people, gathering professions are all we have to have any sort of income and most of us work extremely hard (gathering / mining day after day to get kamas).
Could Ankama PLEASE issue a moderator in various prime gathering / mining sectors in Dofus so that we can root-out these damn bots! And before anyone says Dofus is working hard to root-out such scum, I don't believe in. Numerous times I see the same...