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Member since 2008-04-22


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Last login: 2019-09-17


Dharymel Cra Lvl 118 Elbor

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Waaaaaaait wait wait wait. It's legal to sell Guilds and havenworlds? What if I just want to buy a Havenworld? Is it possible?
By plague-doktor - 2014-12-21 12:04:56 in General Discussions
3 820
"Trying" is the keyword. As in "attempting to succeed but not exactly doing so" XDDD
By [Picaro] - 2014-12-08 14:45:00 in Changelogs
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LouCypher|2014-12-08 14:57:48Picaro are heroes in this update or no?
French CCM says "no". They don't even have a release date yet.