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By Dez- - 2020-05-17 17:19:26 in Suggestion Box
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As with PC Dofus, running Dopples everyday on Touch has become a neccessity. It is a tiresome, lonesome chore. It is not engaging, doesnt promote community and frankly consumes a good chunk of time that could be better spent elsewhere.  People will run them to farm Kolosokens instead of engaging in a bit of fun pvp. Locking mats (Pebbles, Tourmaline) behind them is honestly annoying, especially when you can only earn so many in a day.

Ankama would you have any plans for changes?
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I am unsure if this is a bug or an intended change? I have checked all the Changelogs dating back to start of Nov 2019 and don't see anything.

Breeding mounts efficiently would require leaving a mount in a Paddock even when at full tiredness, taken from PC Dofus Wiki...:

This bar increases whenever a Mount interacts with a Breeding Item in a Paddock. In order to lower this bar the Mount must be out of the Paddock, either equipped or left in the shed. It will lose 10 points per hour, so when the...
By Dez- - 2019-07-15 15:45:30 in Suggestion Box
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I have played Dofus many years on & off (first account 2006) and the addition of Damage Preview was a great QoL feature. It gave you the ability to more perfectly craft your next move. For the life of me though I cannot seem to get Damage Preview on Touch, is this feature just simply not included?