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I've just wasted 50kk - purchased 50 Enirispa powders. Chose to press 'Max' when feeding my pet, thinking it would do just enough to make it 10hp again. But no, it used all the powders because that makes so much sense to do....
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Every item in store cannot be bought with Kamas at the moment. Is this a planned change with this mornings Update 1.47: Staying Above Water, or is it just a technical issue right now?
By Dez- - 2020-05-17 17:19:26 in Suggestion Box
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As with PC Dofus, running Dopples everyday on Touch has become a neccessity. It is a tiresome, lonesome chore. It is not engaging, doesnt promote community and frankly consumes a good chunk of time that could be better spent elsewhere.  People will run them to farm Kolosokens instead of engaging in a bit of fun pvp. Locking mats (Pebbles, Tourmaline) behind them is honestly annoying, especially when you can only earn so many in a day.

Ankama would you have any plans for changes?