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I am wasting 20-30 mins here almost daily because there are too many people on the map and Ankama have made the stupid decision to disable emotes in this instance. Arranging my mounts into the correct pen of Breeding Items is now by luck that they move the correct damn direction.

I assume to keep performance of the game to a ''ok'' standard this is the reason. If this affects people so much they should be playing on creature mode so they dont even get the animations.

By Dez- - 2017-07-04 10:24:10 in Problems and solutions
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Again problems effecting breeders.

I must first say I have 9 accounts and this character is on one of my accounts that has been banned from these forums aeons ago for some reason I cannot remember.

This time I am unable to access the map before the paddock. The paddock is located underground at [26,-36] (one below Neutral Pandala Zaap).

I am able to click on the door that leads to underground, the map will load, but the sprite will not, thus cannot enter the room in which my paddock lies. I...
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I have played 8 accounts many years and never had a problem with running highest settings and features.

However, in Desecrated Highlands now it is a CPU eater...

Here is proof:
Click here

It becomes unplayable when CPU is struggling that much.

I doubt you will do anything about this as you have just released it and had no feedback from Beta on this matter.