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[Lord of the Rats' Ceremonial Belt]
[Feudala Cloak]
[Lord of the Rats' Ceremonial Hat]
[Black Rat Cape]
[Black Rat Mask]
[Kaliptus Dofus]
[Minor Scholar]
[Minor Acrobat]
[Asse Shield]
[Aerdala Shield]
[Lord of the Rats' Ceremonial Ring]
[Parasymbic Boots]
[Parasymbic Belt]
[Great Vitality Scroll] x9
[Ally McZeal]

reply if you are interested in buying something, or seeing the items' stats
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i just returned to dofus, didnt play in a year, anyway i have some questions

- what are the ways to make kamas now (without purchasing any ogrines with real money) , i got a few million but i have no items

- im on solar, can someone help me start again, would be very nice ty!
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umm, so the title says : team dignitas uk , league of legends team , thats named gobball dungeon.
i just want to know if somebody knows those people

please respond if you do, i want to ask them something ^^