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Title -> I've played a few games on my Nexus 6P recently and have had some serious issues Game version -> Latest Mobile Version (just installed it a few days ago) OS version of your computer - Android Phone with 7.1.1 installed Time and date of encounter - April 3rd and 4th respectively Description of the problem -> First game: Despite being connected to WiFi, I was disconnected several times during my first game - which led to some interesting issues. The only way I could get back to...
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Just wondering what everyone thinks of Marline. He's a really cool idea for a summon and ALWAYS gets value. I'm sorry to harp on a card that I love but holy balls does he get value! 

I think this was an unintended bug and I'm reporting it in the bugs section...but he stole Clot the Crapulous, who was protected and they got to stay protected when they switched sides. So, my protecting unit died when my own character attacked the stolen one. 
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Seriously, the most broken card in the game and he wasn't even addressed in the latest patch. You can't cast a spell when he is in play...but the God who places Master Joris still can cast spells...unbelievable that this card exists still. Every single game I've gone up against him, no matter how much I'm ahead by, I lose. He is a near auto-win card and in most games, he is an absolute auto-win gain a 2 - 3 turn advantage by playing him at the absolute least. What a joke.