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Feca Lvl Omega 3 Ilyzaelle
Rogue Lvl 187 Jahash
Iop Lvl 118 Ilyzaelle

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By Desperated123 - 2016-07-08 17:40:19 in Professions
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So title. How does it work exactly, if I crush higher level items I get more of these runes? Like if I crush a level 70 amulet I can get 3 AP runes for example and if I crush a level 150 amulet i get like 8 for example?
By Desperated123 - 2015-05-06 18:11:03 in General Discussion
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Hey guys, so I used to play dofus quite a bit in the old days. I thought I'd stop by and ask whether or not it's worth it for a new player. IF you were in my position and you had to:
- start over on a NEW server
- With absolutely no items or kamas whatsoever

Would you do it? And why + what server would you go on ( international, rushu excluded ).
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Hey guys,

A few days ago I met an ecaflip in kolo, he was level 105 omni with 2.5k vit, 900-1000 dmg per turn and 12/6.

I'm just wondering how much kamas such a set will cost xD it was hugely OP for that level. I only know he wore a karmeleon petmount.