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Hello everybody, I'm here again to share my new video, now convey some more.

For those who have not seen the first is the Link:
This new variation of Build focuses on the damage Daggers, in this case Youyette. I canwith her high damage even without relying on Critical, plus let her half of the Buff Pandorawhenever possible.

I keep using my spells over long distances and spells of distraction / negative buff with agreat tactic.

I hope you...
By DesignGabriel - 2011-08-28 01:14:42 in Enutrof
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Goodnight everyone.

I came here to give you my Enutrof, I use a Build rare.

I am a Enutrof Earth, Air-hybrid with equipment.

Posting my video for everyone to see the potential that builds alternative have.

Aon - Enutrof Earth - Level 157 :
Click here

I am Brazilian and Aermyne game on the server, so do not repair the errors. : P

Suggestions, criticisms and compliments are welcome.

I hope you enjoy.[/b]