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Ahh-Ha Cra Lvl 97 Nox
Nocu Huppermage Lvl 84 Nox
Xife Feca Lvl 76 Nox
Vesno Rogue Lvl 51 Nox

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So a week or so ago I accidentally joined the Riktus Clan. I paid to get back into Amakna but I'm having so many problems leveling lumberjack because I can only level it in Bonta now that I am contemplating going back to Riktus. My friend is Amakna. So I have a few questions.

Will my friend be penalized if I join Riktus and we group? 

How do I rejoin Riktus? I tried talking to the prisoner and he just laughed and said being a guard is for wussies. 

Will being in Riktus affect any end game content?...
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So here is the deal Nox and specifically Bonta on Nox. I just started two weeks ago. Found I needed to get some resources that are only found in Bonta, I randomly joined Amakna, and went to get those resources. At the time I didn't know much about the ecosystem, because frankly the game provides almost no information about it. Got flagged as an Outlaw and researched for several hours before I found out, somewhat, how the ecosystem works. 

Had to leave my guild and have a guild member kill me because...
By Denchfeng81 - 2017-02-24 10:00:08 in Feca
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Hey everyone! 

So I have been asking around a few places trying to figure out where I should go. My friend and I just picked up Wakfu. He is maining Eniripsa as a main healer and I am trying to figure out where I should fit into the group. I do want to be usefull in dungeons and questing. I am starting to have difficulties with my Huppermage being able to keep up with his eniripsa, who is currently out damaging me and keeping me healed. I want to make sure that I am useful late game as well and...