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Deltanoid Eliotrope Lvl 198 Rubilax
Yamango Ouginak Lvl 186 Rubilax
Mikiya Cra Lvl 186 Rubilax
Ursala Huppermage Lvl 151 Rubilax
Bijin Osamodas Lvl 144 Rubilax
Iring Ecaflip Lvl 133 Rubilax
Zbroj Sacrier Lvl 100 Rubilax
Baum Sadida Lvl 89 Rubilax
Kostur Sram Lvl 88 Rubilax
Qalqon Feca Lvl 74 Rubilax
Bodoh Iop Lvl 47 Rubilax
Zeyger Xelor Lvl 47 Rubilax
Dahab Enutrof Lvl 46 Rubilax
Mianju Masqueraider Lvl 44 Rubilax
Hayat Eniripsa Lvl 40 Rubilax

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By Infoglas - 2020-11-21 16:12:11 in Events
8 528
Thx so much guys for the event. Guildies and I had a lot of fun in it. Can't wait to see what else you make.
8 530
Tested it myself, it is true.
If you go to those places (or already logged off before), you will get a black screen and be forced to reconnect. Once you do you won't be able to join the server anymore until the devs fix it. You can however still play on the other servers.
4 3628
Thanks a ton. It really works