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Hey Guys,

It has been some time now, and I always have been wondering if the Ankama team is planning on implementing a setting that would allow us to choose the maximum time we would like our account to stay logged-in during inactivity before it logs the account out.

I went to buy something from the grocery store, went back, and the accounts were still logged in. That can be a security issue for some people. Luckily I live alone.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think.
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Good evening guys,

Well as the title says it, I just moved to France and I want to transfer my account from server SOLAR to SILOUATE.
And yes, they are from different communities. I don't know if that is possible, since I read the specifications on the services provided by ankama for the transfer of character.
But again, my family and friends are now playing on the server SILOUATE, and I do not want to start everything from scratch, after all the time I spent to build the character.

Please let...
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Hello everybody,

This topic will have some technical words but I will try to explain them as much easily as I can.

[blockquote]Phishing, what is that?
Well a phishing website is a "fake copy" of a known website ( here) and it will show you some features that will attract your attention. For example, some player I met, let's name him "Hacker", let you know with his character that there is a website that will give you Kamas, Ogrines or Subscription for free (depends what he...