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All the Bounty Targets should have their associated Map Fragments along with new equipment sets related to them (requires at least the unique resource dropped at the end of the Legendary Treasure Hunt fight). This would help with two issues:Finding Bounty Targets out in the wild can be a tedious and likely unfruitful affair for some time Treasure Hunts become a bit more exciting rather than Kamas + Rose of the Sands (to Tourmaline) a lot of the time
But adding more map fragments would dilute the...
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Been thinking about building one to have damage and MP-related buffs, so I can position myself easier to deal heavy damage
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I was browsing the Dofus subreddit, and happened upon a thread talking about how the harvesting professions should be changed to solve the current issues that said professions faced. In summary, he said the problems are:Competing with a lot of people to the point that it does feel like avoiding other players while harvesting is the best way to gather said resources, which he argues that it doesn't fit the general feel of Dofus non-PVP wise. Mining and Lumberjack have their own issues on top of the...