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Sacrier Lvl 177 Echo
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Thats right, I'm returning from anearly 3 year absence to play the addiction of Dofus again, I am leveling a eni/sac combo with my friend who is leveling a cra/xelor combo and we are almost level 30 and would love some people to join us for running gob dungeon and just to level and have fun with, I am also looking for a good guild to join preferably with lower level players that actually want to do dungeons and etc. Before I quit my character was Healing-Casper a level 116 eni and I was in Erotica...
By Deejehtwo - 2011-08-27 03:56:16 in Rushu
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I am a level 27 eni current with a level 28 sac and a friend whos running a 27 xelor and cra! We are currently doing Gob to try and get some gob gear ofr our characters as well as looking for someone to do dungeons with when we level and as we level since w eboth enjoy dungeons! Pm in game at Chiveon or Chivey if you want to help us out! Also we are open to guild invites!