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Ederick Cra Lvl 150 Nox
Anima Plus Osamodas Lvl 138 Nox
Dusty Eagle Rogue Lvl 137 Nox
Ratakus Huppermage Lvl 97 Nox
Tochide Ouginak Lvl 94 Nox
Jann Lee Iop Lvl 13 Dathura

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Resolution: SO, after a bit of searching around, I finally found out how to access the build menu. Apparently my character had their characteristic page set to automatic, which it wasn't supposed to be (apparently that's supposed to be reserved for the ALS system, correct me if I'm wrong). So.... yeah, not a glitch, just my character being on a setting that was incompatible with the build system and... I guess the bug is still that all your stat points disappear.

Anyway, if you come across this...
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I elected to start simple by logging onto my Huppermage (lvl...60... something. My brain's still kind of frazzled right now x.x) I revamped his appearance, given it's mandatory for all my characters and I didn't know whether you had to make your build before playing. Turns out I didn't and I got dropped right in the middle of Bonta. Last time I played was when the original maps were still present (i.e. Bonta was sort of a linear road I suppose) and my last post was around three years ago (not counting...
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So, I come back to the site to see if anything's changed. And I promptly get sensory overload from all the updates that have gone on. To make a long story short, when I "put down" the game about 3 years ago, I told myself I'd come back when it seemed more friendly towards a f2p player such as myself. The conversion stone has me hoping that this is the time to return and try to have fun here again. There's a bit more of an explanation behind this, but then it wouldn't be a short story.

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