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Which class do you think would go well with a Chance Enu? I mostly do PvM. I want a class that can make good use of my enu's mp reduction abilities. I'm not a fan of Cras/Iops. And a class that doesn't require scrolling and can do well with cheap gear is prefered. I'm leaning towards a Str Eca but I want to hear your ideas too.
By Dazzybaby - 2013-09-29 23:59:26 in Enutrof
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I recently hit 198 and soon gonna be 199. Since i'm a total noob at endgame gears i'm looking for some help with my set.

I mostly do PvM. I haven't done some of F2 dungeons let alone F3 ones. Ochre/Turq and exomages are out of question but i have a jackanapes and a voyager.

Thanks in advance  
By Dazzybaby - 2013-08-27 23:39:13 in Rushu
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I've been trying to find a group to run Kimbo's Canopy for a few days now and i'm a bit tired. So if you have some free time and also looking for a Kimbo group, reply to this thread with your timezone,level and class.

Firgilik, 187 Enu, UTC+02.00