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Member since 2014-08-11


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Last login: 2019-08-23


Kirume Sram Lvl 192 Remington
Naraki Osamodas Lvl 191 Remington
Khasai Eniripsa Lvl 190 Remington
Datsuki Eliotrope Lvl 190 Remington
Liryel Ecaflip Lvl 188 Remington
Kyuden Masqueraider Lvl 174 Remington
Kayria Feca Lvl 157 Remington
Kydari Sacrier Lvl 137 Remington
Kawade Pandawa Lvl 135 Remington
Lyun Thar Cra Lvl 134 Remington
Fukumoto Eliotrope Lvl 129 Efrim
Fuku Osamodas Lvl 129 Efrim
Kyuden Enutrof Lvl 127 Efrim
Kirume Eniripsa Lvl 125 Efrim
Luna Drann Rogue Lvl 122 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

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Hey guys,

So, my suggestion is to increase the maximum character creation per account.
I don't mean that I want it for free (of course, free would be better, but whatever)

Why the top character creation per account is limited to 5? ( 8 with +3 bonus )
There are 18 different classes, please, let me create all of them in the same accout! ç.ç

Or, at least, increase the buying bonus limit by 5 or something :/

Let me know your opinion about it (if you agree or not).
And please, if you agree, help...
By Datsuki - 2018-04-12 13:05:23 in Guilds
2 525
Edited July /2019.
We are recruiting new [and old ] players on Remington Server!
Our focus is PVM !!!

The idea is to help the new players and level up the guild and the members!
At the same time, strengthen the Remington community
If you have interest, tell us your nick on the comments bellow!

We are ACTIVE, guysl!
We can recruit 3 of your characters (Main Char + 2 Alts)
Without (level or nation) restrictions!This...