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Kirume Sram Lvl 193 Remington
Naraki Osamodas Lvl 192 Remington
Khasai Eniripsa Lvl 191 Remington
Datsuki Eliotrope Lvl 191 Remington
Liryel Ecaflip Lvl 189 Remington
Kyuden Masqueraider Lvl 174 Remington
Kayria Feca Lvl 160 Remington
Kawade Pandawa Lvl 159 Remington
Lyun Thar Cra Lvl 141 Remington
Kydari Sacrier Lvl 138 Remington
Fuku Osamodas Lvl 129 Efrim
Fukumoto Eliotrope Lvl 129 Efrim
Kyuden Enutrof Lvl 127 Efrim
Kirume Eniripsa Lvl 125 Efrim
Luna Drann Rogue Lvl 122 Remington

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Hello Guys!I am Fukumoto from Arzallum, and I came to explain some things that we need to take into account in order to build a melee Elio! This is not a class guide, and a specific one for Melee Elio will be made to fully explain it.
To build up a Melee Elio, you need to pay atention in some details...First: It's important to have a high Berserk damage. Besides the amazing passive that gives you zerk damage and +1 AP and +1 MP when you are in zerk mode (Fury), you'll need to spend points in...
By Datsuki - 2019-09-13 15:59:11 in Guides
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Hello guys!

          We all know that it's not easy to find some guides and tutorials for Wakfu, either for classes or dungeons and quests. Of course we have a lot in Method and there are amazing guys doing guides (like Genn, Loka and Suspect). But I guess it's always good to have more guides and different character builds, right?  

          So, we from Arzallum Guild are proposing a bigger connection, more intense, between the Wakfu community, and it is: We will do some posts,...
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Hey guys,

So, my suggestion is to increase the maximum character creation per account.
I don't mean that I want it for free (of course, free would be better, but whatever)

Why the top character creation per account is limited to 5? ( 8 with +3 bonus )
There are 18 different classes, please, let me create all of them in the same accout! ç.ç

Or, at least, increase the buying bonus limit by 5 or something :/

Let me know your opinion about it (if you agree or not).
And please, if you agree, help...