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Osamodas Lvl Omega 68 Echo
Sacrier Lvl 200 Echo

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The spell description should be updated. It currently says "Kill all the caster's summons except for the targeted summons". It should read "class summons" or similar due to the fact that the spell doesn't kill other summons like "Chafer" nor "Arachne".
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Some of the Osamodas spells are not working as they are supposed to. For example the spell "Replacement" is acting up as the spell "Animal Union". Also, if I have my max summons out the spell stays grayed out. Technically I'm killing a summon and and replacing it with another one. I'm not summoning an additional one / extra summon.

Additional Bugs: Damage preview on summon is incorrect. For example: When using the Wyrm Transfomation my Wyrms do more damage than what appears on the preview. Please...
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So far...

Some spells are gone like Arachne, Chafer, Pref. Boomerang, and Leek Pie.

I'm Omega lvl 54. I was only able to use the ornament for lvl 25. The lvl 50 Ornament wasn't even showing up for selection.

Osamodas Spells:

"Crapaud Noir"

When summoning "Crapaud Noir" the summon cover half of my screen (it is like a big shadow). It won't let me summon "Crapaud Baveux" on the same turn.

"Call to Order"

When sacrificing any tofu/wyrn/gob variant the spell doesn't return ap. It just kills the...