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By DashPlay - 2013-04-24 19:32:34 in Pandawa
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Well, both Pandatak and Schanps range isn't modifiable anymore. Does this mean that they'll do the same with Melancholy? I was thinking about swapping to chance from strength, but if they make it non-adjustable range, I'll prob go for int/agi.
By DashPlay - 2013-04-23 11:42:43 in General Class Discussion
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Hello guys!

So, I haven't played Dofus for like 9 months and it seems like a lot has happened during these months. So, I'm coming back but I need to do some changes to my existing team. I've decided to go for a 4-man team, 5 if needed. I currently have these characters:

- 19x Str Cra / 12x eni (on the same account)
- 19x Str Panda / 16x Str Sadi
- 19x Agi Xelor / 18x Cha Enu
- 11x Str Sram
- 18x Int Feca -> maybe swithing to chance.
- 14x Leech Osa

So, osa/feca/sram/xelor/enu/panda/cra is...
By DashPlay - 2012-07-18 01:27:22 in Pandawa
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My panda is currently pure strength. I really want to add a new element (make her hybrid) but can't decide what to go. Str/Agi, Str/Cha or Str/Int.

Str/Agi - Would probably go Fuji set. AoE weapon and nice do be able to dodge. Low str..
Str/Int - Explosive Flask and Giger seems sexy.. Low init/pp sucks though. Custom set
Str/Cha - I like Melancholy and Mush Mish Staff (or something). Low init with custom set..

What do you think would be the best for PvM? I will focus on one of the hybrid builds...