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T'Laboc Ecaflip Lvl 43 Remington
Bone Daddy Sram Lvl 38 Remington
Navy Bomber Rogue Lvl 13 Remington
Zhu Niunai Pandawa Lvl 10 Remington
Can-Tank-Erous Foggernaut Lvl 9 Remington
Badacho Xelor Lvl 7 Nox
Itrama Sadida Lvl 4 Nox
Dodger-Snow Huppermage Lvl 1 Nox

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This is what the Updater tells me when I try to run the game.  I currently have Java 8 update 171 (i.e., the latest version) installed.  The "Use the Java version provided by Ankama" option doesn't make a difference whether it's checked or unchecked.  I've messed with settings in both the Updater and in Java itself for a half-hour now, and I can't find anything that makes a difference.

So what else do I have to do to get the game to notice that I do have the version of Java that it wants?

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Right, now I have the game running, and I'm having the oddest problem. I can't click on things.

I can right-click on things to interact with them, I can click on the ground to run around, but I can't click on dialogue options to continue conversations, and I can't click on spells or enemies in combat. It makes a sound as if I clicked on it, but nothing happens.

Any ideas on THIS one? My Grand Return to Wakfu has turned into multiple exercises in frustration. I'm thisclose to just deleting the...
By Darkstorm - 2014-09-15 12:15:14 in Technical Issues
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I've just reinstalled the game after a long hiatus, but I can't get the game to run. The new Updater says everything is up to date, but when I click Play, it minimizes, and then immediately un-minimizes, saying "Wakfu did not shut down correctly" (and suggesting that I click to download a new version of Java, which I've tried and which does nothing to change the situation).

Error code is 1. When I check the Error Details, the main line that stands out is "Could not create the Java virtual machine".