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Ecaflip Lvl 199 Echo
Alpha Centauri
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The alternate spell is also called "Heads or Tails", when it should be called "Tails or Heads" (judging by the French version, where the normal spell is "Pile ou Face" while the alternate is "Face ou Pile").

I could have sworn this was fixed shortly after alternate spells went live, but looking at it now, it definitely says "Heads or Tails" for both.
By Darkstorm - 2017-07-17 23:11:21 in Suggestion Box
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Would it be too difficult to put a redirect from to   I've been typing for way too long to get used to the other way.  (In fact, I've typed it so many times that all I have to do is type "fo" and the browser auto-completes the rest, but because "forum" is all the way at the end of the new URL, I have to type all of it, which is... less convenient)

Edit: What the heck?  A captcha to post a topic?  That's not a point in the new forum's...
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Some of this might become obvious once the Changelog is translated, but I'll just make some notes here in the meantime.

I've only played one to level 15 (as of this writing), but the new Eniripsas already seem really nice. You get Coney at level 1, and you effectively have 8 AP right from the start. (The Coney has a lot of HP, too - it starts with about 130 HP at level 1) Air spells do not seem to heal the Eni, only allies around the Eni. (Chance spells do heal the Eni if he's within range, however)...