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So I have been trying to farm for alchemist but I can't get to some plants because they are right at the edge of the screen and when I hover my mouse on them, the "Go to next area" tab pops up so i can't reach them, I think it would be great if this problem would be fixed because many plants can't be reached and it makes it longer to farm for plants.

Here is a pic of me trying to get to a "Nettles" plant:
By Darkium-Resurection - 2017-10-08 21:41:32 in Cra
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Hello everyone, I just came back to Dofus and found out, stats got reset.
How many points should I put into Intel and agility? I use Int the most so I don't know if that matters.
Also which would be a perfect int/agi set for my int/agi Cra, I'm lvl 192.

Thank you for replies in advance