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I would like a gm or anyone to tell me why all the sudden after I logged today it seems the game patched something before it started  and no patch notes, I get to character selection screen and everything is playing at 1080p resolution and my monitor is 4K and as an yesterday everything was good, I get as far as the game and all icons tab bars spell bars map etc. is nasty big 1080p, what the f is going on?, this is completely nasty I refuse to play this crap like this, what did u guys patched today...
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I was wondering were is the new pet (Dauge), anyone know if is implemented in this patch?,was wondering since they show it on the patch announcement, and Dofus all ready got their's, and on wakfu encyclopedia, maybe a quest I haven't discover.
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So to whoever this main concern, any help from GMs would be nice, I ill try to explain my case and at same time advise others to be careful during the tutorial on build creation, Sabi or Flat, my ticket number (1765194). So like everyone I just logged and this tutorial pops to show me how to make a build tab to lower my lvl and stuff, so it seems that if not careful the lvl of the main character tab or Default tab can actually be lowered or raised during the tutorial making the main char tab lvl...